How To Bet On Esports – And Win

Esports, or competitive video gaming, is a booming industry all over the world.

And with all that incredible growth, it’s an industry that has experienced a major surge in popularity – from viewership numbers to merchandise to incredible betting markets.

Betting on esports is a lot similar to betting on traditional sports, and as such, many of the core concepts are the same. This means that betting on esports will have you gunning your edge against the sportsbooks as well as the public, shopping for the best money lines, and seeking out lucrative proposition bets.

Below, we will attempt to break down some of the very basics behind successful betting on esports in order to help you achieve success and a roaring good time.

Exploring Bet Types

Esports is a thing of many moving parts – more so than traditional sports betting.

Below are some of the most popular types of bets:

  • Moneyline or outright winner. Depending on whether you’re backing an individual game or a tournament, a moneyline bet involves betting on the outcome. Common moneyline bets include wagering on a best of three, best of one, and best of five outcomes.
  • Map or game spread. This applies for esports having a series for each match played. How it works is that teams or players are given a spread based on the number of games they are expected to win as part of a series. For example, with CS:GO, the regular season consists of a best of 3 series, meaning the favourite to win will be allocated -1.5 on the map spread. The best esports bettors know the importance of keeping a record of the number of wins scored by a particular team on a particular map. This type of bet is especially useful when betting on First Person Shooter games like Call of Duty, CS:GO, and Overwatch.
  • Game total. This type of bet allows the punter to wager on the total number of games in a series. Instead of predicting the outright winner, the bettor must predict whether the series will last for 2 games or 3. For those who take a keen interest in the trends relied on by teams to win, this is a fantastic way to gain an edge over the bookies.
  • Each type of game will have its own set of proposition bets – all based on the details of the specific game. Remember that a prop bet will always require in-depth knowledge about the game itself. For those willing to put in the hours, this bet can be exceptionally lucrative as it features the longest odds for individual games and tournaments.

Betting Tips

If your goal is to bet on esports like you enjoy FIFA betting and you want to win in the long term, , there are a couple of principles that must be followed:

  • Manage your bankroll. Managing your money and sticking to a budget is important no matter what you’re betting on. This goes for esports too. And remember, chasing lost money with good money is never the way to go.
  • Know your game. Having an in-depth knowledge of the game you’re betting on is the cornerstone of success. To this end, be sure to familiarise yourself with concepts like milestones and characters.