Making The Most Of Tennis Betting

Tennis is fairly unique in the betting world in that it’s possible to bet both on individuals as well as teams. This creates a rare niche of opportunities for the industrious bettor that wants to make the most of everything that the tennis betting scene has to offer.

Another reason that bettors love tennis so much is because it’s a relatively easy sport to get started with in terms of wagers, and it also receives excellent coverage by most popular bookies. But there are some mistakes in tennis betting that are worth avoiding to maximise winnings as much as possible.

Taking Out Too Many Bets

This is one that just about any bettor can understand. There’s nothing quite as exciting as a few rounds of Wimbledon, watching the very best tennis players in the world duke it out for the crown. And we all want a little piece of the action, which sometimes means placing way too many bets at a single time.

Not only does this cut deeply into the average bettor’s bankroll, but it often sees the uninformed putting money down on names that they don’t know. This is sometimes by design, where a bookie will have as many options available as possible to lure inexperienced bettors to put more money down than they should. Don’t fall for this trick – rather focus on taking out just a handful of well-researched wagers instead.

Ignoring The Playing Conditions

A lot of amateur bettors make the mistake of not taking the playing conditions into account when they are making a bet. This is important, because the playing conditions can make an enormous difference to the success of a player.

Consider the surface that they are set to be playing on – Rafael Nadal is well-known for playing at his very best when he’s playing on a red court, or one made of clay. The player has trained for years primarily playing on a single type of surface, and they know how to achieve the best grip on it when they’re accelerating to the ball. It’s an extremely easy aspect to dismiss, but always keep it in mind before making a wager.

Being Influenced By External Voices

This is another problem that a lot of beginner bettors deal with, and it can lead to serious financial damage. In fact, it’s such a popular way of betting that a lot of bookies depend on it for making their profits, and it can be found in other kinds of betting, such as mobile horse race betting.

Most bettors will always follow what the public is doing, which is a big part of the reason that favourites and underdogs exist. Never listen to the public for betting advice – rather take a long look at the statistics and use that information to make well-informed wagers. It’s always a better idea to do the research before making the bet, and sometimes it’s worth checking out what the public is doing, and then doing the complete opposite.