Tips For Accumulator Betting In Sports

An accumulator bet (also known as an acca) is a very common betting option for sports. It’s a great way to win big but it also comes at a fairly high risk. This is because you are pinning all of your hopes on one bet that takes into account various different matches, events or races.

Instead of, for example, placing an individual bet on each Champions League match for the weekend, you place one bet on your predictions for the entire weekend. Another example would be to bet on the winner of each race at a horse racing meet. An accumulator bet would be to place one bet but giving the winner of each race. If you get all of the winners right, you win. If you get just one wrong, you lose.

Each time you add another match or event to your betting slip, you increase your odds. This is because they are multiplied. The downside is that you need to be spot on with each of your predictions in order to win any money. So, how do you get it right?

1. Know The Players

An accumulator bet can be risky but is worth it if you really know what you are betting on.

This means that you need to have a thorough understanding of the sport itself and the players involved. Look at past performances, the grounds where the events are taking place, the current momentum of the team or individuals, and the odds on each event.

2. Place The Right Kind Of Bet

You don’t have to bet on who is going to win in order to make an accumulator bet. You can bet on who places at an event, how many goals get scored in each match, the points difference, anything you would normally place an individual bet on. It’s entirely up to you. Just remember that the more complicated you make it, the harder it’ll be to get it right.

3. Decide How Many Bets To Place

Most bookmakers will accept up to 20 predictions in one accumulator bet. However, this is a lot of options to get right and is not usually worth going that high. Most people will merely opt for the minimum of four and go as high as eight if they’re feeling adventurous. Four selections turns your bet into an accumulator and gives you much better odds of winning.

The accepted lingo for betting on more than one outcome is a double for two selections, a treble for three. Then you get into the accumulator, which are referred to as four-fold for four selections, and so on.

You also get the option to make an each-way bet. Your buy-in is a little higher but it gives you a little more wiggle room. You win the biggest amount if your original selection is spot on. However, your secondary bet will still pay out if enough of your predictions are right or you are close to right on all of them.