How Bets Work When Things Go Wrong

When we bet on a sport like tennis, we generally assume that the game will play out as we expect and that we will hopefully walk away with our wallets a bit fatter. Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned, and sometimes something can happen to a match or a player that can change the nature of a bet completely.

Understanding what does happen to a wager when things don’t turn out as a planned is a valuable skill for a bettor to have and can help them find more success if they plan on betting long-term. Here we will look at some of the common reasons that a bet may be altered of cancelled and what will happen next.

How Walkovers Work

A walkover takes place when a player declares that they will not be taking part in any upcoming events. This does not happen that often, but if a player feels that they an injury might be slowing them down or for any other reason, they might call it off. If this occurs, all bets are considered void, and the bettor will usually receive their money back.

This does happen quite often before the start of larger events like Wimbledon, especially among younger and inexperienced players that might be battling with nerves.

When A Player Retires

A retirement in tennis doesn’t mean that a player is giving up the sport for good, but rather that they are retiring during any tournaments and matches that they  participating in.

This is usually unexpected and is almost always caused by some kind of injury that may have occurred shortly after the start of the match. Tennis is a fast-paced sport and injuries can and do occur fairly often, so it’s good to have an idea of what will happen to a bet in the event that a tennis player officially declares retirement.

While it can depend on the event in question as well as the bookmaker’s rules, but it can also rely on the kind of bet that was taken out. For example, the most popular bet is the moneyline, and if a player retires after the first set, then the bet is null and void. Other bookies may require that one or two sets be completed before a bet becomes action.

Delays Due To Weather

Another part of tennis that is beyond the control of the players, the fans, and the bettors is the weather, and tennis games are quick to be cancelled in the event of sudden and harsh weather. If the bet is simply moved to the next day, then it will usually remain valid, and the bettor might have to occupy themselves with while they wait.

Some bookies will even have a grace period of between 2 days and a full week, and as long as the match is completed within their set time frame, the bet remains in play. Sometimes prolonged bad weather might move an event to an undercover location, but even here most bookies will allow the bet to remain in action.