Top Cricket Betting Types for Success

While selecting which team will win a match is certainly the most popular cricket betting type, there are so many different options to choose from that it may become overwhelming.

Here are just a few types of wagers and if you’re a beginner remember to start with small stakes and practise good bankroll management!


The easiest and most straightforward cricket bets there is! With a head-to-head selection, simply select the team you believe will be the match winner and put your money where your mouth is.

If the team you’re backing is the underdog and they end up taking the match, the payout will be even more rewarding.

Top Run Scorer

Simply select which player you believe will score the most runs during the course of a match.

It’s a good idea to start with your favourite player and if your selection earns more runs than anyone else in the team, you’ll be a winner.

Next Man Out

This cricket betting type will only be available during live or in-play betting. During the match you’ll be able to place wagers on who you believe will be the next man to leave the field between the two on the pitch.

Highest Runs in the First 10 Overs

Place a selection on which of the two teams participating in the match will score the most runs during the first 10 overs.

You may want to ignore your personal bias when it comes to this type of wager, just like with horse racing betting.

First to 10 Runs

Of the two men on the pitch, you’ll get to place a selection on which of them will be the first to reach 10 runs.

The opening batsman may not even reach 10 runs, so be sure to be wise in your selection.

Total Innings/Match Runs

An example of an over/under wager, the bookmaker will set a line for how many runs will be scored in total by both teams during an innings or a match and your selection will be on whether the total number will be over or under the line.

Most Successful Opening Partnership

The first 2 batsmen to hit the pitch usually sets the tone for the rest of the game, but your selection will be on which of the 2 teams opening partnerships will be the most successful.

Method of First Dismissal

The method of first dismissal is a wager placed on how you think the first wicket will be taken. Is it by being caught, stumped, or bowled? The choice is yours.

Total Number of Match 6s

Another example of over/under wagers, the total number of match 6s sees you place a prediction on whether the total number scored by both teams will be over or under the line set by the bookmaker.

The Most 6s

A selection on which team will score the most 6s throughout a match. Keep in mind that the home team will always be well aware of where the close boundaries are, but will they score the most 6s overall?