Common Rugby Injuries All Bettors Should Know

Betting successfully is something of a fine art, and a seasoned bettor usually spends more than a few years honing their skills in order to start seeing consist of wins no matter the situation or the hand that they’ve been dealt.

One of the most important skills to learn and improve is research – not only is it useful to know all the appropriate information when taking out a wager, but it can also drastically improve the chances of winning.

A significant factor that can affect how well a team performs out on the field is whether they are suffering from any kind of injury.

An injury doesn’t just slow a player down, but it can cause the whole team to suffer, meaning that being up to date on which players have injuries before the start of a game can make a big difference in what kind of bets are worth pursuing. Here we will look at some of the more common injuries that rugby players suffer from.


A sprain is caused when either the ligaments or muscles are stretched too far, are suddenly forced to change direction, or take the brunt of an unexpected impact. These are some of the most common kinds of injuries in the world of sport, but because rugby can be such a high impact sport, most players will have suffered from this kind of injury at some point or another.

When a player has suffered a major sprain, it will most likely be reported in an upcoming sportsbook or other news source, and it can sometimes mean that the player will be out of commission for a while, especially if it looks like they may need physiotherapy.


A concussion is quite a serious injury, and one that occurs extremely frequently. In fact, it’s estimated that over the course of a season, concussions made up around 20% of all the injuries in a match. When a player suffers a concussion, it means that their brain is violently pressed against the skull, and it can lead to several complications that can take the player out of the sport for a period of time, if not completely.

When a player suffers a concussion, they will usually need to seek professional medical assistance, and it’s not uncommon for a player to be taken off of the field in order to be seen to. Being such a serious condition, a bettor will want to keep up to date with any players that may have suffered a recent concussion.

Dislocated Shoulder

It’s quite common for a shoulder to become dislocated when the player is involved in a tackle, or when they take a particularly hard fall, and the arm is rotated outward. When this does happen, a medical expert will need to attend to the player immediately, where they will often have to pop the shoulder back into place. And it’s part of the reason so many prefer to stay at home and enjoy the action at rather than playing contact sports.

Even once it’s been seen to, often the player will be removed from the match to ensure that no other injuries can occur. They may need to then go on to have physiotherapy and sometimes even surgery to fix any damage, and it could severely affect the overall strength of the team, so it’s worth watching out for.