6 of the Worlds Biggest Horse Races

Horse racing is one of the most popular pastimes in the world, and has been for centuries. There is evidence to suggest horse racing was held in Ancient Rome and Greece, and that it was a popular attraction during the early Olympic Games.

The sport has lived on through the ages, and today is makes up a billion dollar industry that spans the entire world.

Part of that industry is horse race betting that sees millions of people from all over the world placing wagers on the horses and events in the hopes that they could profit while also watching a highly thrilling event.

For those wanting to start betting on the biggest races in the world, and want to take a break from other sports betting, such as the best NBA bets, keep an eye on these:

1. The Belmont Stakes

The third and final leg of the Triple Crown is held every year during the first Saturday of June. It’s the oldest event in the Triple Crown, and started in 1867, and also boasts one of the longest tracks of an event.

The race takes place in Belmont Park, New York, and around 20 millions people tune in to watch from the Untied States alone.

2. The Preakness Stakes

Held in Baltimore, Maryland every year and a few weeks after the Kentucky Derby, this is the second leg of the Triple Crown. Held at Pimilco Race Course, the Preakness Stakes was founded in 1873.

Each race takes around two minutes to complete, with the all-time record set in 1973 at 53 seconds. It’s the second most popular horse racing event in the United States.

3. Prix de I’Arc de Triomphe

Regarded as the biggest horse race within France and one of the most popular in Europe, this event takes place annually on the first Sunday of October at the Long champ Racecourse in the capital of France.

It also boasts one of the biggest first prizes of any race at 4 million Euros, with the last race being won by Enable with jockey Frankie Dettori.

4. The Royal Ascot

This week long event consists of 16 group races, and is one of the oldest in the world. It started in 1711 and is usually attended by the Royal Family, including the Queen of England.

Located in Ascot, Berkshire, this arguably the most famous horse race in Great Britain. Around 300,000 take the trip every year to watch the race.

5. Melbourne Cup

The Melbourne Cup first started out in 1861, and is regarded by many as the greatest 3200 meter race in the world.

It’s part of the annual Melbourne Cup Carnival that takes place in November once a year, and has grown in popularity with each passing year.

6. Kentucky Derby

Without a doubt, the Kentucky Derby is the most popular horse race in the world, and an extremely important sporting event in the United States.

Held every year in Louisville at Churchill Downs since 1875, over 150,000 people attend this event without fail, with tens of millions more watching at home or online.