Popular Cricket Betting Types Explained

Betting on cricket has been a favourite pastime of many for a very long time. In fact, the earliest recorded betting activity on a cricket match took place in the 1600s! However, much has changed in the world of sports betting since then and it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the most popular cricket betting types if you’re hoping to get in on the action.

Match Betting

This is the simplest form of cricket betting which makes it perfect for beginners. In order for this type of wager to be successful, all you need to do is correctly predict which team will win the match.

Series Winner

A series of matches between two teams is a typical feature in cricket and a good example of this is The Ashes which is a series of 5 test matches played between England and Australia.

With a Series Winner wager you’ll need to correctly predict which team will be the overall winner.

Outright Winner

Much like a Series Winner wager, an Outright Winner wager can be placed on any team participating in a tournament such as the Indian Premier League or the ICC World Cup.

There will be plenty of teams to choose from, which may make it difficult to predict correctly, but wagers of this type can be highly rewarding.

Tied Match

Typically available on cricket test matches as these events are more likely to end in a draw than any other, Tied Match wagers – which are far more difficult to get right than real money online pokies – involve placing a wager on whether the match will end in a draw or not.

Top Batsman

In order for this type of cricket betting wager to be successful, you’ll need to correctly predict which player will score the most runs during an innings, a match, or even an entire series.

Top Bowler

Similar to a Top Batsman wager, in order for a Top Bowler wager to be successful you’ll need to correctly predict which player will take the most wickets during an innings, a match, or an entire series.

Contest of the Batsmen

Typically featuring two batsmen, in order for a wager of this type to be successful you’ll need to correctly predict which batsman will be most successful in a specific category. The categories on offer typically include the most runs scored and the most sixes hit.

In-Play Cricket Betting

In-play or live betting on cricket has become increasingly popular as it provides punters with the opportunity to place wagers even after the match has begun. While traditional sports betting sees the markets close ahead of the start of a match, in-play betting allows you take advantage of betting opportunities as they arise.

As matches can take several hours or even days in the case of test matches, cricket matches are perfect for in-play betting as plenty of betting opportunities will arise as the match develops. Examples of in-play betting markets include the number of runs from the next delivery and the method of dismissal.