The Best Bet Types for Boxing Matches

There are so many different wagers when it comes to boxing that it can be a little bit confusing! Most new sports bettors are only aware of the fact that you can bet on who wins the fight, but, in actuality, there is a range of options open to you. This not only makes staking on boxing bouts more enjoyable, but it also means that there are that many more ways to see great returns.

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Proposition Bets

Proposition wagers see you staking on whether or not something is going to happen over the course of a fight. These are essentially stakes wherein you are able to choose Yes or No in regards to something happening. They can be made on if the fight will go the distance or whether a knockdown or knockout will happen, for example.

Knockdown Special Bets

This is Prop wager that deserves its own section because of how popular it is in the boxing world. It concerns itself with your staking on whether or not a fighter is going to be able to knock the other one down at any point of the match.

It’s a simple enough premise. If the fighter you’ve chosen manages to knock the other one down, you’ll win your bet. You can also bet that there won’t be a knockdown if you think that it’s not so likely to occur.

Each side of this bet will have a different payout, based on the likelihood of it occurring. Sometimes you’ll see this wager being made available without a specific contender being picked, and this means that any knockdown will count. You may also see it more as a Double Chance wager when you have to choose which boxer will be laying the other one flat. Just make sure you know exactly what, and who, you’re betting on before you put any money down.

To-Win Wagers

As previously mentioned, this is the most popular stake when it comes to boxing, and it’s occasionally referred to as the Moneyline bet. It requires nothing more of you than picking the fighter you think will win. If you make the correct guess, you’ll get paid out, if you don’t, you will lose.

As simple and easy as this wager is, there is an area that can confuse people and something that you need to pay attention to. Not every To-Win bet is going to pay you out at the same rate. Returns are based on the likelihood of each fighter winning the match, and payouts are thusly adjusted. The more likely your contender is to walk away the winner, the less you’ll get paid for picking them. The less likely they are, the more you’ll see when they take first place.