Betting on Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA, and Boxing are two different sports, but, when it comes to betting on them, there are some remarkable similarities. If you learn the details of betting on one, you’ll be able to hold your own when you stake on the other.

Proper Definitions for Both Sports

Boxing revolves around punching, and the matches extend over from 6 to 12 rounds, each 3-minutes long. Fighters are outfitted with big padded gloves, and, generally, the winner either knocks out their opponent, or the judges weigh in and decide the champion with points.

In MMA bouts, participants are allowed to punch, elbow, kick, and knee their adversaries, and battles extend for up to 5 rounds of 5 minutes each. Once a combatant goes down, they can be forced to submit via choke holds, grappling techniques, and a variety of other martial arts moves. These contenders wear much lighter, smaller gloves, and winners are determined by knockout, surrender, or judges’ decision.

Whether you prefer playing online casino games, or punt whenever you can, staking on Boxing and MMA matches is incredibly exhilarating, and highly recommended. When you’ve had your fill of the best online slots Canada has to offer, for example, or you just want to enjoy a little online betting, check out the wagers available for these two sports and see how you do!

The Different Kind of Bets Available

The Moneyline is the most basic bet, and sees you predicting which fighter will come out on top. Because neither of these sports have Point Spreads, this is by far the most common stake that online punters enjoy.

Oddsmakers will frequently provide Proposition bets before a fight, and there are a number of different types of these. Going the Distance will have you staking on the fact that the fight will extend to the maximum amount of scheduled rounds, with the final decision lying with the judges. Knockdowns and Disqualifications are wagers on which fighters will go down in a particular round, with the fight continuing, or a prediction that one of the contestants will be put out of the running in a certain round.

Points Handicaps are similar to Point Spreads, and are frequently seen in MMA bets. These have the sportsbook offering odds, assigning a fighter plus or minus points, that come into play if the bout goes the distance and ends up being decided by judges’ scores.

Last Tips Before You Begin

How unpredictable both Boxing and MMA are is what draws punters to them, since they’re sports where even acclaimed stars and heavy Favourites can lose by a single punch or a well-timed kick. This sees value in finding Underdogs that you feel have a good chance, and payouts for bets on these can be very attractive.

Be sure and shop around when it comes to odds and markets is our final word of advice, since different bookmakers very often provide different odds. Patience is key, and proper research will see you getting the best value every time!