Boxing Prop Bets

Commonly known as a prop bet these types of bets are considered some of the most exciting and entertaining when it comes to sports betting.  Not only are they fun and entertaining, but they can also be very profitable.

When it comes to boxing prop bets include wagers whether something will or will not happen during a particular match.

Knockdown or Knockout

A popular bet in boxing is whether there will be a knockdown?  This is a simple bet where you predict if there will be a knockdown during any point in the fight.  If one fighter is counted by the referee this is considered a knockdown but, but must be confirmed by the referee.

Many fights will end if there is a knockout and those who love the gambling online NZ has to offer often hope this is the case, as it is incredibly dramatic and exciting to watch.  Betting on whether there will be one can be a profitable bet.

It does not matter which fighter wins the fight.  If the referee counts to ten and the fighter is unable to continue this is considered as a knockout.  It may also be a knockout if the fight is stopped or if a fighter decides to stop fighting.  A trainer may also decide to stop a fight.  If a fighter sustains an injury by any other means besides an accidental foul and ends up in capitulation it is also considered a knockout.

Go the Distance

You can also place a bet on whether the fight will go the distance.  With this prop bet you will predict whether the fight will continue until the final bell.

Even if both fighters make it to the final bell you will win the bet.  If the fighters do not make it you will lose the bet.

Points Deducted

You can also choose to bet on whether any points will be deducted from either of the fighters during the match.

It is easy to see when points are deducted as the referee will call a time out and indicates this to each of the judges that a point has been deducted.

Decision or Draw

In many cases boxing fights end up in being decided upon by the judges.  Judges can call a decision anytime during the match as long as four rounds have passed.  This may be as a result of an injury or an accidental foul.

If you correctly predict that there will be a decision you will win.  Even if this decision happens after the 12th round or if there is a decision and the fight has gone the distance you will still win the bet.  Your bet will be successful no matter which fighter wins.

Draws in sports are often disappointing but even a draw can make you money if you make the right prediction.  You can either bet if there will be a draw or on if there will not be one.

You can also bet on whether the fight is terminated before the fight has gone the distance and the points are calculated and it ends up that both fighters have the same points. Both a technical and a normal draw are both wins.