Tennis’ Most Popular Betting Markets

Tennis wagering is second only to Football when it comes to popularity ranking worldwide, and billions of dollars are spent and won by its many fans the world over every year. The main reason for this is that there’s almost always a game going on somewhere thanks to how frequently tournaments take place.

Top choices include the ATP and WTA Tours and feeder leagues like the ATP Challenger Tour and Futures Tournaments.

First, or Subsequent, Set Winner

You’ll have a range of great choices when it comes to staking on how individual sets will turn out and many online bookmakers let you choose which player will win either the first, second, or third sets.

The Set Betting market works on a principle similar to the Match Wagering one, with the difference being that you’re staking on the outcome of a single set and not the entire game. Remember though, as is the case with Match stakes, supporting a heavy favourite is not the best way to see a good return.

Handicap Betting

The Handicap Wagering market works by online sportsbooks evening out the odds by impeding, or handicapping, the favourite by several games or sets. They will then have to beat this impediment for you to win this stake. These kinds of bets can be seen to have something in common with the house-edge you’d be playing against while enjoying games at the online casinos Singapore makes available.

So, in a game featuring Rafael Nadal and David Goffin where Rafa was the favourite, let’s say he’s given a handicap of -3.5. If this were the case and the outcome was 6-4. 6-4., then you would win if you’d taken the bet.

That’s because the total number of games won by Rafa with his handicap would still be greater than the number of matches which Goffin won.

Match Winner

The name of this wager gives you all the information you need! You’ll be staking on which player will win the game.

As is the case with any kind of betting on just one match, it’s difficult to make money wagering on a hot favourite. Consider placing a parlay so your chances of seeing a good return increase.

Set Betting

These stakes require that you predict how many sets will play out during a match and what the correct score will be. For example, if Roger Federer beat Tomas Berdych by three sets to love, or Simona Help overcame Johanna Konta two sets to one.

This is a highly unpredictable bet, so it can see you collecting more-than-decent-payouts. Perhaps a usually very capable player is not performing properly because of an unforeseen injury, for instance, or they’ve arrived on the court tired due to a tour taking longer than expected.

Total Games

This wager is sometimes referred to as Overs/Unders and you’ll be asked to stake on how many games will be played during a Tournament, for example. The bookmaker will have posted a number and you’ll be asked to choose whether the Total Games will be under or over that amount.