Popular NHL Markets

For those who are interested in getting into Ice Hockey betting, we’ve taken a take a look at the most popular NHL markets for when you want to wager in between playing the online slots real money Canada has to offer.

Match Markets

Ice hockey betting can be split into four main categories; match markets, goal markets, periods and league markets. Of the four, match betting is the most popular and usually offers the most number of markets.

The easiest and the most popular match wager is the money line bet. This simply involves predicting which team will the matchup, whether it be during the 60 minutes, in overtime or on a shootout.

60-minute bets are also popular sports betting NHL markets as they tend to offer slightly higher odds compared to money line bets. Essentially, they are the same bet but, in this case, you are predicting the winning team within the 60-minute regulation time and not the match.

If two teams are unevenly matched, the bookmaker will offer puck-line handicap betting. This is where the underdog team is given a virtual point advantage in order to make the bet attractive to bettors.

Another great match market is the Method of Winning bet. Here you are predicting how the match will bet won, either by number of goals scored in regulation time, overtime or if the game goes to shootout.

There are plenty of other match market available with varying odds depending on their difficultly. Ones to look out for include Winning Margin, the team to Score the First Goal and Player to Score a Hat-trick.

Goal Markets

Goal markets are slightly more difficult to predict but tend to offer higher odds and a greater return for your stake. The most popular goal market is the total number of Goals in the match. It is also possible to predict the number of goals scored by each team during regulation time.

Another popular market is the time of first goal. This is where you predict which minute the first goal will be scored in? There are also racing to markets that include race to 3 goals and race to 5 goals.

Period Markets

Anyone familiar with sports betting will know that NHL markets include period betting. The most popular bet is the highest scoring period. This is where you simply pick which period will have the highest number of goals.

The game can also be broken down into specific money line periods like the 1st period money line, 2nd period money line etc. Other popular markets include Goal in Each Period and home team to win each period.

League Markets

Outright or league bets are usually the most popular sports betting NHL markets. These are wagers that can be placed weeks or months in advance and pertain to the overall winners of the NHL League.

The most popular is the Stanley Cup winner. In this case you must accurately predict which team will win the Cup.