Twenty20 Cricket Betting Explained

Each match in a Twenty20 series is known for being extremely exciting and unpredictable, given the nature of this format of Cricket. In T20 Cricket, only a single innings is played for each team. This results in a fast paced game that sees every player perform at their absolute peak.

It is for these reasons that T20 Cricket is as popular as bingo gaming entertainment, as the action moves fast and the markets are plentiful too. Plus, you may also find live betting options available online.

The majority of online bookmakers now offer easy betting options for T20 Cricket matches or tournaments and there are plenty of chances to win big if you know how.

T20 Betting Options

Standard betting options for T20 series’ involve simply placing a bet on a team to win. This can be done for any of the matches played, with odds varying depending on which teams are playing, and how likely they are seen to win. Favoured teams will have lower odds, which results in lower payouts, but a better chance of winning.

It is the less likely to win teams that result in bigger payouts. Underdog teams are where smart bettors put their money, since a small bet can result in an enormous payout, depending on the odds given.

Shrewd bettors will often pick teams seen as unlikely to win, but are ready to make a comeback, and steal a victory in unexpected circumstances.

Combo Bets

Many online bookmakers will offer group, or combination bets for T20 games or series. Such bets will involve picking a number of teams to place bets on, or a number of set matches. Group betting options will often have benefits, such as higher payouts for certain victories occurring, or for a team advancing to the finals.

Such group betting options will be specific to individual online bookmakers and it is essential you look for good odds, as you’ll want the best possible chance of a decent payout when trying this more complicated wagering option.

Novelty Bets

Novelty bets are becoming increasingly more popular at online bookmakers. These betting options generally have little to do with the outcome of the actual game, but instead focus on unrelated, or seemingly insignificant aspects.

Bets may be placed, for example, on how often a particular player slides into the barrier when fielding, or even how often a certain player fumbles the ball. The parameters of such bets will vary, and may involve virtually anything that occurs during the game.

Novelty bets are seen as a way to interest punters who have little interest in the game of Cricket itself. Which bets are offered will depend on the online bookmaker, and not all online bookmakers support novelty bets.

For those interested in participating in bets that do not revolve around the game of Cricket itself, novelty betting is certainly something to take a look at.