The Worlds 5 Biggest Football Events

Football, also known as soccer, is the world’s most popular sport. With over 3 billion fans spanning the globe, there are no other international sports that come close to bringing out the same number of fans every year.

As football has grown in popularity across the planet, a number of tournaments and international events have started in its wake, and bring in higher audience numbers than any other sport.

These are the biggest football events every year, and the best events for beginner bettors to get started in.

1. The World Cup

The World Cup played in 2018 took place in the capital of Russia. With its unique architecture and culture, Russia proved a massive success all around, and saw millions of fans taking the trip across the ocean to watch games live.

The passion of the fans and the long season it takes for teams to reach The World Cup makes it a truly unique affair and a testament to what makes football such a beloved pastime for so many.

France won the last World Cup, having shown one of the most sustained and calculated performances of all time, and many are already preparing for the next World Cup, which is set to take place in Qatar in 2022, giving bettors plenty of time to keep themselves occupied with other sports, or the best online pokies Australia.

2. The Summer Games

As one of the biggest football tournaments in the world, the Summer Games stands out from the rest due to the fact that it covers both men’s and women’s football. While the event itself dates back to 1900 for just men, the women’s side of the competition didn’t begin until 1996.

This fast-paced and action-packed event takes place over two weeks, and sees countries from all over the planet taking part. The next Summer Games will be taking place in host city Tokyo.

3. UEFA Champions League

Next to the Summer Games is the UEFA Champions League, which encompasses all of the very best clubs that Europe has to offer. The European Champion Clubs’ Cup is among the most prestigious trophies in international football.

It’s also one of the most viewed sporting events every year, and while it only consists of European clubs, the tournament is quickly gaining international viewers.

4. UEFA European Champions League

Also known as the Euro, this quadrennial event only takes place on years that fall on an even number between the World Cup.

As one of the most well known football tournaments on the European continent, it attracts some of the best clubs on the market, and determines the champion of the Union of European Football Associations.

A total of 24 national teams take place in the event every year it takes place.

5. Women’s World Cup

While almost all of the other tournaments are solely for men, the Women’s World Cup is quite the opposite, and is considered the biggest international event for women.

It’s held every four years and is always highly anticipated. 24 women’s teams compete for the right to the title of World Cup Champion every few years.