The Ultimate Guide to Tennis Terms

It’s almost impossible to enjoy watching a tennis match if you don’t understand the terms used and betting on this popular sport will be a challenge too. As such, here is the ultimate guide to tennis terms.


A serve that lands inside the lines and remains untouched by the opponent is known as an Ace.


Advantage follows a Deuce score and if the player scores at this point the match will be won, but otherwise it goes back to Deuce.

Approach Shot

A shot followed to the net by a player is known as an approach shot.


A shot in which the ball rotates backwards is known as backspin. Shot of this kind generally remain low.


A Break is when a tennis game is won during the opponents serve.

Break Point

Break Point is when the receiver gains a point which causes him to win the game off of the server.


A Deuce is when the score is 40-40.

Double Bagel

Tennis matches which end in 6-0 6-0 are typically referred to as a Double Bagel.

Double Fault

The server has 2 serves to start the point, but if he misses both he loses 1 point in the game, which is known as a Double Fault.


Any shot in tennis that doesn’t land within the lines that it should’ve is known as an Error.

Foot Fault

Much like the strict rules of Cash Cabin, the server is not allowed to move across or touch the baseline during the serve motion. Doing so is referred to as a Foot Fault and the serve is considered a Fault.

Forced Error

A Forced Error is when a player hits a good shot causing the opponent to miss.

Kick Serve

A serve in which the ball has plenty of top spin and jumps high is known as a Kick Serve.


Let will be called by the umpire when a serve touches the net, but still lands in the service box. The serve is then repeated.

Match Point

When a player only needs 1 point in order to win the entire match it is known as Match Point.


When a point is won on the opponent’s serve during a tiebreak it is known as a Mini-Break.


When the ball is hit very high over the net it is known as a Moonball and is typically a defensive shot.


When a set reaches 6:6 in score a Tiebreak is played in an attempt to bring to set to a close. Tiebreakers are played up to 7 points.

Unforced Error

When a player misses an easy shot it is known as an Unforced Error.

Wild Card

A certain ranking position is required in order to get a place in a tournament however a Wild Card can be issued by the tournament officials to a player even if they don’t hold the ranking position required.

This often provides young players with access to a tournament they otherwise wouldn’t qualify for.